The benefits of linking to

Why should I place a link on my website that points to
Quite simply, you will get at least three home page links back to your website by simply placing one link to our website - see details here on which websites will link to your site (opens in new window).

Why are links good for my site?
Links not only bring direct traffic to your site, they also act as "votes of trust" from a search engine point-of-view. Search engines trust your website more when they see one-way links pointing to your site (and we offer you a minimum of two one-way links). Moreover, when these links are on the home page of websites, the value of these links are even greater, since home pages typically have the most links pointing to them.

This sounds too good to be true - what's the catch?
We rank our links by "most recent click to our site". In other words, if your link to our site is clicked on, the link from our site to your site is ranked number 1 on our home page. The reason for this is to ensure links pointing to our site are placed in prominent positions, since they will be clicked more frequently in such positions, thus giving the site owner linking to our site a higher ranking link from our home page.

Is there anything more you will offer me?
Yes! We will be adding more sites that will link to your own site. Even though we have currently have 3 websites that will link to your website, we will be adding more in the future, and these will automatically link to your site (without you having to do anything).

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