The 5 Levels of Healing

Sonia uses the 5 Levels of Healing model for her work.

The concept of the 5 Levels comes from Sanskrit writings approximately 10,000 years old. The Indian scientist Patanjali, the father of Yoga, picked up these writings approximately 2,000 years ago. Patanjali rewrote the 5 Levels of Healing and Dr. Klinghardt, with whom she studied ART, Autonomic Response Testing, has adapted them and made available to use as a model for anyone in the health and wellbeing profession.

We exist in different dimensions - simultaneously. The physical body exists within a sphere of invisible etheric bodies that each has their own anatomy and physiology. There is an alive and profound interaction between the different levels. When we die, the physical body stays behind it is cast off. There seems to be a process after death in which also the emotional body (second level) and later the mental body are cast off. The 4th and 5th body survive. Every ancient culture knows this system and has described it in different terms.

Level 1
The lowest or densest level is the physical body. It is not at the bottom because it is less valuable. Instead, the physical body is the foundation upon which everything else rests. It is our connection to the earth and the source of our physical energy. The physical body is identical with what we see, feel, hear and ends at the skin. It is what we perceive with our 5 senses.

Level 2
The 2nd level is the energy body or - body electric. It is not only the summation of all electric and magnetic events caused by the neuronal activity of the nervous system. Most somatic and autonomic nerves in the body travel in the longitudinal axis of the body and the nerve currents spread as electric fields along these nerves. The magnetic fields created by these forces travel perpendicular to this axis into space. Even though their strength decreases with distance from the body, they extend into space beyond the skin. Theoretically, these bio-magnetic fields extend into infinity. This is also the home of the other known forces in physics: gravitation, strong force and weak force. The most profound new knowledge on this level comes from the physicist Fritz-Albert Popp: each cell emits biophotons: light, which is highly coherent, polarized and squeezed. The biophoton field created by the light emissions around the body regulates most metabolic enzymes inside the cells. It modulates neural transmission, neurotransmitter releases, detoxification and many other body functions.

Level 3
The next higher body, which I call the mental body or mental field, extends theoretically into infinity squared (and the higher two levels extend beyond that). Only mathematics is able to conceive the expansive size of the higher levels. Beliefs, attitudes and thoughts form and organize this level. There is an individual mental field and a consensus field (consensus reality). Rupert Sheldrake has named this level morphic field. Every idea or thought ever thought goes into this field and becomes part of an invisible library that can be accessed by anyone. Sheldrake has published his experiments in several books and scientific publications. Every emotion (2nd level) is preceded by a perception and a thought or chain of thoughts. Thoughts trigger emotions and other energy body changes, which in turn trigger change in the physical body. We are all surrounded by our own mental field, which in turn interrelates with the field of our human species. If we have a diagnosed illness, the diagnosis acts like a curse: we start to think, act and feel as if we were those other people that have suffered this illness, whose family and loved ones suffered in certain ways, as if we were those that died. In medicine this is called the nocebo effect. It is most important to disconnect a sick patient from the mental consensus field of her/his illness. A patient's mental field can have partial tears and wounds just like the physical body. A mental field can be healthy and can be sick. These illnesses require different kinds of medications and interventions then illnesses on the physical level.

Level 4
The 4th level is a level beyond the mind and beyond language. It is the home of near-death experiences, past-lives, archetypes, spirit possession, ecstatic states, karma and the expression of unresolved trans-generational family issues. The highest level at which an interaction between physician and client is possible is the 4th level. This level is called the - dream body or intuitive body.

Level 5
The 5th level is the plane of self healing - the spirit body. The only relationship that exists here is the relationship between the individual and the power within us - this depends on the person's belief system in a higher power or the divine presence in all of us.

Anyone who truly has experienced this level will have an attitude of deep respect and understands that it is a personal journey.

There is downward causation within the 5 Levels of Healing. Any insult or any healing on a higher level has a rapid and profound effect on the lower levels. The lower levels have no or very limited effect on the higher levels. Addressing the physical level is not enough. One has to look for the cause of the illness and treat on each level where a contributing factor becomes visible.

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