ART - Autonomic Response Testing


I use Autonomic Response Testing (ART) as taught by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD.

Dr. Klinghardt developed this technique with the help of Louisa Williams, MC, DC, ND and Yoshiaki Omura, MD.

ARTesting is an extremely efficient way of evaluating the body's autonomic nervous system's response to a specific stressor or a group of stressors. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is the portion of our nervous system that requires no conscious thought and functions automatically throughout the day. Balance of the body is controlled by two portions of the ANS the first being the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), which is the nervous system that is dominant during times of stress (mental, physical, and chemical). The second part of the ANS is known as the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), which is dominant during times of relaxation or deep altered states. We need both of them working equally to maintain a proper tone within the body.

The ANS helps to control the beating of our hearts; the rise and fall of blood pressure; the detoxification of the body's poisons; the digestion, assimilation, and elimination of our foods; the balancing of all our hormones; proper immune system responses; proper blood sugar levels; maximum brain function; and every automatic function of the body's organs and glands.

ART gives us a way of evaluating what stressor(s) are interfering with proper function of the ANS. These stressors could come from our external environment such as infectious agents, environmental toxins, or food allergies. They might also arise internally and manifest as glandular/hormonal imbalances, brain/neurotransmitter imbalances and old injuries with broken-down cellular communication.

The ANS receives information from our biofields. Our body's biofield is an accumulation of electromagnetic energies emitted from all of our cells, tissues, organs, and glands. Although the body's biofield (infrared spectrum of light) is not visible with the human eye, it is detectable with some very sophisticated and sensitive equipment. This biofield, or light field, is produced and emitted by the body and through some very peculiar properties of light; it is also carrying information from our surroundings, in the form of electromagnetic signals, back into the physical body. The ANS then has an opportunity of responding to that electromagnetic/stress signal.

Other stressors that can be evaluated with the use of ART include transgeneration thoughts, destructive emotions, environmental allergies/sensitivities, dental problems (such as incompatible dental materials and chronic infections), geopathic stress, and electromagnetic frequency stress (cell phones, cell phone towers, microwaves, un-insulated home power wires).

Using ARTesting to perform all of the testing mentioned above can actually be accomplished within a very short period of time.

Because there are no two of us exactly alike, the treatment will vary with each individual. ART is also very effective in helping the practitioner to detect the uniqueness in each patient and help to determine the most efficacious treatment plan. Although the diagnosis might be very similar between patients, it is extremely rare that any two individuals receive exactly the same treatment protocols. We are all clinically, genetically, socially, environmentally, and fundamentally unique.

Autonomic Response Testing is one of the most reliable and accurate forms of muscle testing

ART uses tools such as polarized light filters, signal enhancers (amplifies the light field and the electromagnetic signals), and therapy localization to detect aberrations in these body regulation procedures.

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