Kinesiology Courses

Whether you are:

A complete novice to holistic health wanting to learn kinesiology

Already qualified in another health discipline and wanting to learn kinesiology to add to your skill set

Already in receipt of the Kinesiology Foundation or Professional Certificate and wanting to become a Diplomate

All courses accredited by The Kinesiology Association (KA) are based mainly on techniques which have been discovered and developed by the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK). In addition, they incorporate recent discoveries and some developed by other Kinesiologists. Although there is a common core syllabus for the Foundation course and Diploma course, each KA tutor has their own style of teaching.

The Kinesiology Foundation Course

The Foundation Course is generally taught over 6 weekends (or equivalent) This course is suitable for:

Complete beginners to natural healthcare who want tools and techniques to help themselves, their own friends and family

Practitioners of other modalities who feel they would like additional skills to complement their existing modality. At this level Practitioners would NOT be able to call themselves a Kinesiologist.

It enables learners decide whether Kinesiology is suitable for them as a vocation career/profession.

The Kinesiology Diploma Course

The Kinesiology Diploma Course is taught over 12 weekends (or equivalent). This course is suitable for:

Those who have completed a Foundation course within the past 12 months

Those who wish to become qualified Kinesiologists

Please contact me for information about the Kinesiology Courses I run which are accredited by the Kinesiology Association

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